Excellence Strategy

Summer and Winter Schools

With this program the Graduate Academy of the University of Tübingen intends to support the improvement of training for junior researchers, to promote interdisciplinary and international networking between doctoral students, and to raise the level of interest in organising events that are aimed at developing and promoting the exchange of methods and results.

Target Group

Postdoctoral scientists at the University of Tübingen (members of the University) are eligible to apply.


  • Events eligible for funding include those promoting the academic competence of junior researchers as well as those addressing interdisciplinary themes. Preference will be given to events which are likely to attract a broad international audience consisting of doctoral students and junior researchers including those from other universities and research institutions.
  • Given the courses’ international orientation and our aim of attracting international guest lecturers, it is envisaged that the courses will be held in English.
  • The events should in principle be open to all members of the University of Tübingen.
  • However, the number of participants can be limited and a registration may be mandatory.
  • The events may not replace existing courses or lecture series.

Please note:

  • The form "Guidelines for the realization and accounting of summer/winter schools" which requires the signatures of your Dean and head of institute needs to be uploaded with your application. The form can be found in the internal section of the website of the excellence initiative. Please remember to get the signatures in time!
  • For each Summer/Winter School at least one research alumnus/alumna must be invited; preferably a person who is currently working abroad. He/She must play an active part during the event, e.g. holding a (scientific/academic) speech, moderating a panel discussion, helping with the organization of the event. Several details about this person must be stated in the application (see instructions and guidelines for the application further down).
  • Research alumni are persons who have undertaken research at the University of Tübingen for at least three months within the last five years and are currently not working at the University.


For the realization of each event funding for travel costs/accommodation of the guests, catering and funds for student/academic assistants can be applied for. When applying please follow the instructions and guidelines.

Funding period

The event should take place within a year after the application.

Submission deadlines

15.10. / 15.04. every year.

The University’s Research Commission will evaluate applications in consideration of the aforementioned criteria.


Please follow the instructions and guidelines.

Applications must be submitted via our online portal.