Excellence Initiative

Personalised Medicine

Applying state-of-the-art technolgies, we try to understand diseases in an to date unconceivable accurateness to offer our patients a therapy tailored to their specific need.

Platform 1 is part of the Institutional Strategy of the University of Tübingen within the framework of the Excellence Initiative. The term ‘personalised medicine’ has been used for several years to describe a paradigm shift in medicine, leading to improved diagnosis of disease and thereby to more precise therapy with fewer side-effects and better cost-efficiency.

Therefore the term ‘personalised medicine’ is associated with the hope for therapeutic innovations for hitherto untreatable, complex diseases such as cancer, dementia, cardiovascular diseases and others. This development is only possible because of the vast progress in exploration of the underlying pathogenesis of these diseases as well as the establishment of new methods to produce and analyse high-throughput data (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc.) and the introduction of new imaging technologies. Based on the molecular profile (genome analysis, protein analysis, metabolomic characteristics, biological markers, …) the prediction of the course of disease as well as the efficiency of the drug and the probability of side-effects can be more precise.

Regarding the fact, that two persons differ not only in more than 6 Mio. nucleotides, but also in their environment and lifestyle and their diet, it’s not a wonder, that not always for every patient with the same disease the same drug can be effective. Each patient has to be considered as an individual and not as a statistical mean value.

Therefore the overall goal of PM is to find the appropriate therapy at the best point in time with the optimal dosage for each single person.