Excellence Strategy

Experimental Therapy

Following the vision of the ZPM, our department aims at the usage of diagnostic methods to improve patient directed therapeutic strategies.

We support efforts to efficiently structure unstructured data as found in clinical anamnesis and examination reports, especially from the divisions Internal Medicine and Neurology. Furthermore the department already established an ambulant phase-I unit within the scope of the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC), thus allowing all clinicians and scientists at the UKT to conduct early clinical trials with new drugs. Another focus is the establishment of a liquid biobank with all necessary patient information and consent forms to obtain biomaterial suitable for retrospective studies. The department already developed guidelines for clinical trials using ‘omics-technologies and will implement these guidelines in future trials together with the ZKS (Center for Clinical Studies). A central question we want to answer is how to represent and utilize the ‘omics-data in the clinical routine. Especially the issue of data visualization is addressed here in order to develop new technology strategies. Here, we focus on so-called touch-tables already established for different applications by the Leibniz-Institute. These devices enable improved usability of multimodal information and will bring the information to the place where it is needed.

Main Objectives

Members of the Division