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Spiegel journalist Jörg Schmitt visited IfS

On 25th of June, Jörg Schmitt, investigative coordinator at the news magazine Der Spiegel, visited the Institute of Sports Science in Tübingen.

Spiegel journalist Jörg Schmitt visited IfS

Jörg Schmitt, a two-time Henri Nannen prizewinner in the category "Best Investigation" and "Business Journalist of the Year" in 2012, revealed numerous affairs – amongst others in sports. In an interview with Elias Kieser, bachelor student in the profile "Media and Communication" together with program coordinator Dr. Verena Burk, the journalist talked about his experiences as well as the working methods of the team, the importance of the protection of informants and the examination of articles with regard to the correctness and accuracy of facts. Since controversial topics nowadays regularly affect several countries, Jörg Schmitt also presented the cooperation within a European network of media ("European Investigative Collaborations").