Faculty of Humanities

Study Abroad

Improve your language skills, establish academic contacts, make international friends while exploring the culture of a foreign country – a semester or an internship abroad offers you all of that and more!

On the national and international job market excellent language skills and a highly developed intercultural competence are increasingly required. Spending time abroad enables you to experience a new language and culture first hand. Furthermore, studying abroad offers you opportunities to establish ties with international academics, which may open up paths to an international academic career.

However, spending time abroad is more than the next step on your career ladder but rather shows your desire to think outside of the box and strive for new perspectives.

The Faculty of Humanities encourages their students to spend time abroad as it is valuable for both your personal and your academic progress.

Freely based on the motto of our university (Attempto): Have the courage!

If you are a student at the Faculty of Humanities and you intend to study abroad, you can find all relevant information on the web pages of Division V – International Office.
An overview of the international partner universities of Tübingen is also available here.

Moreover, the Faculty of Humanities offers a number of joint degree programs that include an obligatory stay abroad in their curriculum.

On the following websites, you will find more information on study-abroad possibilities.