Mathematics and Physics Library

Apparat Biophysics

Cotterill: Biophysics : an introduction Ge 36/2009
Waigh: Applied biophysics Fph 5/2009
Evans: The colloidal domain Fph 11/2009
Winter / Noll: Methoden der biophysikalischen Chemie AB 3288
Daune: Molecular biophysics Fph 8/2009
Serdyuk: Methods in molecular biophysics Fph 7/2009
Nelson: Biological physics Fph 6/2009
Strobl: The physics of polymers Fph 12/2009
Dill / Bromberg: Molecular driving forces Fph 9/2009
Jones: Soft condensed matter Fph 10/2009
Hunter: Foundations of colloid science Fph 13/2009
Witten: Structured fluids Fph 14/2009
Sackmann: Lehrbuch der Biophysik Fph 2/2010
Cosgrove: Colloid science Fph 18/2010
Brabec: Organic photovoltaics Fph 19/2010
Falta: Forschung mit Synchrotronstrahlung Fph 16/2010
Goodwin: Colloids and interfaces with surfactants and polymers Fph 17/2010
Sedzik (ed.): Molecules: nucleation, aggregation and crystallization Fph 20/2010