Faculty of Science

Faculty Executive Board

Tasks of the Board

The Faculty Executive Board is responsible for the tasks specified in § 23 para. 3 LHG and § 13 para. 2 Grundordnung, in particular

  1.     the preparation of structural and development plans for the Faculty;
  2.     the preparation of the draft budget estimate or the business plan. The faculties have the right to 
        make proposals in this regard;
  3.     the decision on the use of funds allocated to the Faculty according to the fulfillment of tasks,
        agreed goals and services rendered;
  4.     quality management and the associated control necessities (in particular, the setting and review of
        target agreements takes place at the faculty level);
  5.     Gender and diversity management;
  6.     the proposal for the functional description of positions for university lecturers;
  7.     the areas of appointment, doctoral and habilitation procedures.

Constitution of the Faculty Executive Board

Faculty's Directorate  


Vice Dean / Deputy Dean

Vice Dean for Research

Vice Dean for Studies

Prof. Dr. Thilo Stehle
Prof. Dr. József Fortágh
Prof. Dr. Klaus Harter
Prof. Dr. Kay Nieselt

Speaker Dept. of Biology



Speaker Dept. of Chemistry


Speaker Dept. of Geoscience


Speaker Dept. of Computer Science




Speaker Dept. of Mathematics



Speaker Dept. of Pharmacy & Biochemistry



Speaker Dept. of Physics



Speaker Dept. of Psychology


Prof. Dr. Eric Kemen

Prof. Dr. Aristides Arrenberg


Prof. Dr. Andreas Schnepf

Prof. Dr. Marcus Scheele


Prof. Dr. Hervé Bocherens

Prof. Dr. Christian Zwiener


Prof. Dr. Oliver Bringmann

Prof. Dr. Andreas Geiger
Prof. Dr. Klaus Ostermann


Prof. Dr. Stefan Teufel

Prof. Dr. Hannah Markwig


Prof. Dr. Stefan Laufer

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Stafforst


Prof. Dr. Monika Fleischer

Prof. Dr. Barbara Jäger


Prof. Dr. Barbara Kaup

Prof. Dr. Markus Huff

Equal opportunity


Equal opportunity Commissioner


Dr. Annette Denzinger

Prof. Dr. Katharina Foerster