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Guest Professorship enables top-level collaboration in Mathematics

Tübingen alumnus Simon Brendle returns as Distinguished Guest Professor.

The internationally renowned mathematician Simon Brendle will be Tübingen’s next Distinguished Guest Professor. Professor Brendle, one of the leading mathematicians in the field of geometric analysis, will come to Tübingen for several months at a time over the next three years to conduct research and teach Tübingen students. The Distinguished Guest Professorship is funded by the Excellence Initiative and the state Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts.

Brendle’s work covers a broad spectrum of methods and problems in mathematics and mathematical physics. His research intersects with many of the fields of core research at the University of Tübingen’s Mathematical Institute. He will cooperate closely with Professor Gerhard Huisken on geometric analysis and mathematical relativity theory.

Simon Brendle was born in Tübingen in 1981. He commenced university studies here while still at school. He won Germany’s national math competition three years running, from 1995 to 1997. In 2001, at the age of 19, he completed his doctorate under Professor Huisken. After a short period as a posdoc, he joined the Institute for Advanced Study in 2002. In 2003 he became an assistant professor at Princeton and in 2005 at Stanford, where he held a full professorship until 2008. Last year he went to Columbia University as a visiting professor, where he has now been appointed full professor. Brendle is in demand around the world as a speaker; he has won numerous awards. They include the European Mathematical Society Prize in 2012 and the American Mathematical Society’s Bôcher Memorial Prize in 2014.

Brendle’s special field is geometric partial differential equations, which describe the deformation of geometric bodies. He has found solutions to a number of longstanding mathematical problems and has constructed counterexamples to what were believed to be solutions to others - for example to equations linked with the Yamabe and Ricci flows, and Lagrange’s minimal surface theory. Brendle has also made substantial contributions to mathematical finance, for instance in the area of portfolio optimization.


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