Institute of Media Studies

Audiovisual Media – Practice

At the Chair of Film, Television, Audiovisual Media and the Center for Media Competence (ZFM), practice projects are created with great dedication. These projects, which regularly attract attention and receive awards, range from films and animations to radio features and television programmes to live broadcasts and major stage projects.

Film, in all its forms, plays a special role at the department. This becomes evident in the variety of filmic works that are produced here, for example, music videos, experimental films and especially feature films (such as the film adaptation of The Tell-Tale Heart) and documentary films, for example, on refugee children (ZwischenWelten: Wie Krieg Kinder zeichnet), on dementia patients (Aus dem Takt) and on Lotte Reiniger, the pioneer of animation (Tanz der Schatten). Animated film is another main area of focus, both in research and in practice. Students create short films, explainer videos, motion graphics and commercials, applying various techniques, for example, on an in-house animation stand or in Adobe After Effects. The basics of creative film production are taught in seminars and workshops (course programme of the ZFM). Filmmakers from Tübingen are also regularly invited to give an insight into their work.

Broadcast production is another focus of the chair’s media practice. Dr. Claus Kleber, ZDF journalist and honorary professor, offers insights into the practice of television journalism in his courses. Radio Micro-Europa produces radio broadcasts, while CampusTV shoots segments for television programmes. The science magazine CampusTV LIVE is streamed from the TV studio of the ZFM. FestivalTV accompanies the film festival Französische Filmtage with extensive contributions on various media platforms. When it comes to live broadcasting and recording of major events like the Mediendozentur or the Tübingen opera projects, students are responsible for directing, filming and other positions with the support of media professionals.

Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge in many other areas of media production, including photography, exhibition design, homepage design, in the editorial department of the blog Media Bubble and in service-learning-projects. The department also experiments with innovative forms of reportage and narrative formats, be it social media stories or web documentaries (such as Angst or Rot). The chair regularly participates in major projects such as the stage design and PR of the two Tübingen opera projects W – The Truth Beyond and Il cacciatore deluso – Der frustrierte Jäger.