Institute of Media Studies

Audiovisual Media – Teaching

At the Chair of Audiovisual Media, Film and Television, Prof. Dr. Susanne Marschall and the staff share knoweledge on forms, formats and genres in the field of analogue and digital audiovisual media. An extensive engagement with manifold aspects of the production, reception and distribution as well as the history, theory and aesthetics of film are also a explored in the teaching curricula. Based on the wide range of topics, we have developed outstanding courses that combine both theory and practice.

The importance of practice-based teaching is reflected in the great support of media-production projects developed in cooperation with the Center for Media Competence (ZFM). These include websites and blogs (NAPSE, Media Bubble, Kulturkonfetti, Angst), the ARTE documentary Tanz der Schatten about the pioneer of silhouette animation Lotte Reiniger, interactive web documentaries (ZuFlucht, Rot, Jommelli Opera), exhibitions in collaboration with the Weltethos-Institut (Menschenbilder, Querhandeln – ethisches Wirtschaften), and a project on literature in the new media using the example of Hölderlin’s reception. In two practical courses, students contributed to the stage design, web design and PR of two large-scale opera projects in Tübingen (W – The Truth Beyond, Il cacciatore deluso – Der frustrierte Jäger). 


The chair has a high output of master theses, half of which are on film or media theory and the other half are practice-based, combining a written thesis with media production. A continuing interest in documentary film is apparent in these theses. This has led to the professional production of films on socio-critical and ethical issues that have been screened on television or at film festivals. Since the founding of the Research Center for Animation and Emerging Media the number of master theses on the theory and practice of animated film has greatly increased.