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The "Tübinale" is an annual short film festival, as well as a film contest for students of media studies at the University of Tübingen. Being widely popular not only amongst the members of our institute it is one of the most publicly acclaimed events of Tübingen’s media studies. Each year, students are challenged to create a short film about a new topic concerning media change which they can present to an ever-growing public. All films are evaluated and awarded during a live show by both a professional jury and the public. 

Since its establishment in 2012 the Tübinale has grown considerably and taken a set form: the short films are produced by students of our yearly lecture "media change and media convergence"; then, the event and the public live award show are planned and executed by students of a higher semester. The Tübinale’s structure includes three conceptual pillars: a topic from current media studies, the filmic and didactic conveyance of said topic, and thus a form of social engagement. In current times where politics and society alike are facing ever new and unforeseen challenges, this third ideal has grown in importance.

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