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"Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling 2015" Conference

From 7-10 April the Center for Applied Geoscience at the University of Tübingen hosted an international conference on "Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling".
A large number of prominent researchers attended and fourteen keynote lectures were given.
Participants were encouraged to interrupt speakers asking questions during the sessions, and this allowed for a number of vigorous and fruitful discussions.

Five broad areas of environmental modelling research were addressed during the conference:

  • Integrated modelling philosophies
  • debating the conceptual approaches of modeling catchment-scale hydrosystems
  • Reactive transport & biogeochemistry across scales
  • debating how detailed chemical and microbiological processes must be represented in large-scale models
  • Geology-hydrology interactions
  • debating the importance of geological knowledge to understand hydrological functioning and hydrological impacts on geology
  • Modelling of land-surface processes
  • debating how the functioning of soils, vegetation and the lower atmosphere influences hydrology
  • Uncertainty quantification in environmental modelling
  • debating how to deal with uncertain model parameters and uncertain model concepts

Two poster sessions during the conference allowed other participants to present their work, as well as promoted exchanges of ideas between researchers.
Conference participants also enjoyed a guided tour of the University of Tübingen's excellent paleaontological museum as well as a Swabian dinner buffet on the final night of the conference.
The conference was organized by the DFG-funded research training group (RTG 1829) "Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling".

Conference Program