Fachbereich Geowissenschaften


Doctoral and Postdoctoral
Researchers of the RTG

Adam, Stephan
Research Topic: Large-eddy simulation of the water budget in a small catchment
Allgeier, Jonas

Research Topic: Numerical Simulation of Flow and Biogeochemical Reactive Transport in the Ammer Floodplain

Bajracharya, Bijendra Man

Research Topic: Slow Microbial Transformations in Oligotrophic Aquifers

Banerjee, Ishani

Research Topic: Strategies to Model De-Gassing in Porous Media

Bao, Zhongwen

Research Topic: Soil Uptake and Emissions of Atmospheric Pollutants

Bennett, Jeremy

Research Topic: Solute Transport in Hierarchical Sediments

Chavez Rodriguez, Luciana

Research Topic: Modeling Microbial Regulation of Pesticide Turnover in Soils

Chow, Reynold
Research Topic: Prioritising Major Predictive Uncertainty Sources in Coupled Hydrosystem Models
Dugge, Jürnjakob
Research Topic: Prioritising Uncertainty Sources in Coupled Hydrosystem Models
Finkel, Michael

Research Area: Travel Time-Based Transport Simulation

Guthke, née Schöniger, Anneli
Research Topic: Optimal Design of Monitoring in Coupled Hydrosystems and
                             Assessment of Conceptual Uncertainty in Hydrosystem Modelling
Haslauer, Claus

Research Area: Stochastic Hydrogeology

Herberich, Maximiliane

Research Topic: Coupled Modelling of Vegetation - Hydrology Dynamics

Höge, Marvin
Research Topic: Bayesian Legitimacy of Different Hydro(geo)logical Model Concepts
Hosseini, Atefeh

Research Topic: Water Transport through Plants

Hsueh, HanFang

Research Topic: Overcoming Erroneous Overconfidence in Parameter Estimation for Soil Moisture Models

Kortunov, Evgenii

Research Topic: Simulation of Reactive Transport in Vertical Cross-Sections

Li, Shanghua
Research Topic: Vegetation-Hydrology Feedbacks
Liu, Yan
Research Topic: Modelling the Fate of Micropollutants in Rivers
Loschko, Matthias

Research Topic: Stochastic Framework for Catchment-Scale Reactive Transport Simulations

Marschmann, Gianna
Research Topic: Limitations of pollutant transformations in topsoils
Norouzi Moghanjoghi, Karim

Research Topic: Physics-Based Modelling of Erosion at Catchment Scale

Osenbrück, Karsten

Research Area: Groundwater - Surface Water Interface

Paneru, née Thesenvitz, Carolin
Research Topic: Nitrate Dynamics under Climate and Land-use Change
Park, Chang-Hwan

Research Topic: Assimilation of Land-Surface Observations in Coupled Hydrological Models

Petrova, Elena
Research Topic: How do Microbes Eat Rocks? Modelling Biogeochemical Reactions at the Rock/Water Interface in Fractured Limestone Aquifers
Sanz Prat, Alicia

Research Topic: Validity of Travel-Time Based Reactive Transport Models

Selzer, Philipp

Research Topic: Particle-Based Simulation of Transport in Heterogeneous Coupled Hydrosystems

Sharma, Hemanti

Research Topic: Catchment Scale Simulation of Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Deposition

Störiko, Anna

Research Topic: Development of Reactive-Transport Models of Nitrogen Cycling Informed by Molecular-Biological Data

Viswanathan, Michelle

Research Topic: Bayesian Multi-Purpose Modelling of Processes in the Soil-Crop-Atmosphere Nexus on the Landscape Scale

von Gunten, Diane

Research Topic: Groundwater Recharge under Climate and Land-Use Change

Wei, Ran

Research Topic: Modelling Water Quality in Rivers