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News about the RTG

"Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling"

Visiting Researchers in the Winter Semester 2018

  • Thilo Behrends, University of Utrecht (October 2018)
  • Norman Wildmann, German Aerospace Center (November 2018)
  • Andreas Hartmann, University of Freiburg (November 2018)
  • Rainer Helmig, University of Stuttgart (November 2018)
  • Marco Keiluweit, University of Massachusetts (December 2018)
  • Thorsten Hüffer, University of Vienna (January 2019)
  • James Kirchner, ETH Zurich (January 2019)
  • Todd Gouin, TG Environmental Research (January 2019)
  • Juliane Hollender, EAWAG (February 2019)
  • Barbara Maher, Lancaster University (February 2019)
  • Eric Little, OSTHUS Inc., Melbourne, USA (February 2019)

Numerical Methods Course in Freudenstadt, Germany, October 2018

From the 8th to the 12th of October, the fall school on Numerical Methods in Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling took place, gathering not only the new students from the third cohort of RTG 1829 "Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling", but also senior RTG students, external PhD students and supervisors.
The fall school was an intensive week of learning how useful and practical numerical methods are. With a mix of lectures and exercises the participants got an insight to what is behind the scenes of numerical hydrosystem models in a motivating learning environment. The increased awareness for numerical errors helps to differentiate between real model results and artefacts created by numerical schemes.


New PhD Students

We welcome our new PhD students who joined the Research Training Group during the last months!

This third and last round of PhD students are:

  • Luciana Chavez Rodriguez, topic "Modelling of Pesticide Turnover in Soils"
  • Michelle Viswanathan, topic "Bayesian Multi-Purpose Modelling of Processes in the Soil-Crop-Atmosphere Nexus on the Landscape Scale"
  • Jonas Allgeier, topic "Numerical Simulation of Flow and Biogeochemical Reactive Transport in the Ammer Floodplain"
  • Anna Störiko, topic "Development of Reactive-Transport Models of Nitrogen Cycling Informed by Molecular-Biological Data"
  • Ran Wei, topic "Modelling Water Quality in Rivers"
  • Elena Petrova, topic "How do Microbes Eat Rocks? Modelling Biogeochemical Reactions at the Rock/Water Interface in Fractured Limestone Aquifers"
  • Philipp Selzer, topic "Particle-Based Simulation of Transport in Heterogeneous Coupled Hydrosystems"
  • HanFang Hsueh, topic "Overcoming Erroneous Overconfidence in Parameter Estimation for Soil Moisture Models"
  • Ishani Banerjee, topic "Strategies to Model De-Gassing in Porous Media"
  • Hemanti Sharma, topic "Catchment Scale Simulation of Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Deposition"

"Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling 2018" Conference

The RTG organizes its second international conference on April 3-6, 2018 under the general theme "How complex should integrated models be?"

The keynote lectures are organized in five blocks:

  • How Important is Realistic Geology in Hydrological Modelling?
  • Controls of Reactive Transport on Scales Relevant for Management
  • Modelling Soil-Plant Interactions
  • Travel-Time Based Modelling of Transport in Hydrological Systems
  • PDE-Based versus Conceptual Integrated Models

Please see the conference website www.uni-tuebingen.de/hydromod2018 for details on the program.