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Modelling Water Quality in Rivers

PhD Researcher: Ran Wei
Supervisors: Christiane Zarfl (University of Tübingen), Beate Escher (University of Tübingen), Nandita Basu (University of Waterloo)

Micropollutants have become one of the key qualities of surface waters that have been focused on in recent years in developed countries. Rivers have received micropollutants through point and diffuse sources.

Water qualities of the Ammer river, its tributaries and ground water inflows in southwest Germany have been monitored under P1 (Rivers) of CAMPOS (Catchment as Reactors). The goal is to use numerical methods to develop one-dimensional reactive solute transport models based on advection-dispersion-reaction equation, for the purpose of understanding the attenuation processes of micropollutants in the Ammer catchment. Moreover, the mechanistic numerical models outlined above will be expanded to describe the fate of bioanalytical equivalent concentrations (BEQ), in order to interpret the (eco) toxicological effects of chemicals.