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Numerical Simulation of Flow and Biogeochemical Reactive Transport in the Ammer Floodplain

PhD Researcher: Jonas Allgeier
Supervisors: Olaf Cirpka (University of Tübingen), Michael Finkel (University of Tübingen), Richard Amos (Carleton University)

The floodplain in the Ammer valley between Pfäffingen and Tübingen is a focal point of field studies within project P3 in the Collaborative Research Center CAMPOS. The hydrological questions to be addressed in this project refer to the position of the groundwater divide between the Ammer and Neckar valleys, the connection between organic-rich floodplain sediments to the hillslopes and the drainage network, the prevalence of along-valley flow versus flow towards the stream, and the importance of the internal structure and anisotropy for subsurface flow. The project P4 of CAMPOS deals with redox cycling, biogeochemistry and microbial activity within floodplain, which heavily depends on flow and solute transport.

A process-based numerical model is required to comprehensively interpret the monitoring and experimental data from the field studies within the floodplain.