Pan-Tetris is our interactive software tool that enables the visual inspection of gene occurrences in a pan-genome table. It allows the user to modify the composition of such pan gene groups with an aggregation technique that is inspired by the famous Tetris game.


Hennig A, Bernhard J, Nieselt K.
Pan-Tetris – an interactive visualization for Pan-genomes. BMC Bioinformatics 2015, 16 (Suppl 11):S3 ( .

Using Pan-Tetris

You can download Pan-Tetris as a single executable Java application
Pan-Tetris requires a functional Java 7 Runtime Environment (JRE 7) installed.
After starting Pan-Tetris you may load a dataset of your choice using the ”Open” button or the File Menu available in the graphical user interface.


All of the sample material referenced in the Pan-Tetris paper can be downloaded here. The sample data is available in ZIP compressed format, including two pan-genome tables created by our pan-genome computation method PanGee (unpublished software) and TIGRFAM annotations for all these genomes using HMMER3.

Download Example Dataset

Example Screencast

To give end users a more detailed overview of the capabilities of Pan-Tetris, we produced a small webcast, introducing the most prominent features of Pan-Tetris in a short video you may watch here:


For questions and bug reports please contact André Hennig or Kay Nieselt.