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Image Gallery of Planetary Nebulae

Common Information

The PN group of the IAAT (Astronomy) has a collection of monochromatic PN-images. The database consists of about 300 images of about 80 objects. For most objects there are images in H alpha, [O III], [N II] and He II. All images have a size of 200 times 200 pixels and a color depth of 256. They all are GIF's.

The CCD-pictures were obtained by B. Balick with the 2.1m KPNO-telescope and by ourselves (M. Bässgen, W. Hopfensitz, J. Zweigle) using the 2.2m ESO/MPI-telescope.

[A 30 in H alpha] The Planetary Nebula A 30 in H alpha

The Image Gallery

Select one of the following PN to see the four monochromatic images:

Line Intensity Ratio Calculator

As an additional gimmick a line intensity ratio calculator for [O III] and [N II] is offered as a Java applet.