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International Conference "Patterns of Change: the European Countryside During the Migration Period (300-700 CE)"

21. & 22. November 2019

On the 21st and 22nd of November, our current fellow Irene Bavuso and Angelo Castrorao Barba (Granada), a former fellow of our project, are holding a conference on "Patterns of Change: the European Countryside During the Migration Period (300-700 CE)".
The conference location will be room 1.81 in the Keplerstraße 2.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

9.15–9.45 Welcome
Irene Bavuso (Tübingen) & Angelo Castrorao  Barba (Granada)
Opening remarks

Helena Hamerow (Oxford)
Anglo-Saxon Settlements in a Post-Roman Landscape: Current Perspectives

Pilar Diarte-Blasco (Madrid, Alcalá de Hernanes)
Settlement, Economy and Agrarian  Changes in Post-Roman Hispania

11.20–11.40 Break


Nicolas Schroeder (Brussels)
An Age of Wilderness? Landscapes and Societies in 
European Lower Mountains, 5th-7th c.

James Harland (Tübingen)
The Northwestern Provinces in Crisis: Julian’s  Campaigns on the Rhine and the Reorientation of the late Roman Economy


Hajnalka Herold (Exeter)
Settlement and Society in Noricum 5th to 8th c. CE

Tivadar Vida (Budapest)
The Pannonian Countryside During the Migration Period

15.50–16.10 Break


Alexander Sarantis (Mainz)
The Impact of Raiding and Migration on Balkan Settlement Patterns and Rural Economies, 5th-8th Centuries

Friday, 22 November 2019


Michel Kazanski (Paris) & Anna Mastykova (Moscow)
La civilisation matérielle des Goths ‘urbains’ et ‘ruraux’ en Crimée  sous Justinien

Dmitry Korobov (Moscow)
Changing Settlements, Land-use and Agriculture in the Caucasus Between 5th and 7th c. CE

10.50–11.10 Break


Mischa Meier (Tübingen)
‘Geschichte der Völkerwanderung’ – Zur Entstehung eines Buches

Steffen Patzold (Tübingen)
Concluding  remarks