Englisches Seminar

Milad Comcar (M.A.)


Englisches Seminar
Universität Tübingen
Wilhelmstraße 50
72074 Tübingen

Office: 462 b)

Email: comcar.milad[at]gmail.com

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Ph.D. Project

My dissertation tries to show the relationship between patriarchy and patricide through a mass-study of world mythology and culture. If you watch TV series these days, it is almost impossible not to encounter with patricide. But when did our culture grow so fund of killing its fathers? When did it all begin?

The research I have done up to this point shows that the oldest mythological textwhich has patricide in it was written in the late third millennium or early second millennium BC. Considering that the first writing system, Cuneiform writing system, was developed around 5000years ago, and it was just from a few hundred years later that we could write properly, it seems that from the moment humans could write, they had stories about patricide.

But what is the relationship between patriarchy and patricide? In my dissertation, I am building the hypothesis that there is a murderous logic at the heart of thepatriarchalsystem which ends in patricide. In a patriarchal system, where all the means of power are in the hand of one patriarch, the sons are left barehanded. They can only reach a social position once they have overcome the father. Through studyingmore than three hundred patricide samples from myth, and culture, and by doing computer-based analysis on the reasons behind these samples, I want to prove my hypothesis and show that a very large percent of patricide stories, is due to patriarchal societies.

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