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B.A. English & American Studies - Curriculum

The B.A. English & American Studies is a bachelor programme that may be studied as a major or minor subject.

The major subject in the B.A. English & American Studies takes three years, during which students explore concepts, theories, and methodologies in the fields of Linguistics, Literary Studies and Cultural Studies. In their third year, they specialize in at least one particular field and thus develop an individual academic profile.

The minor subject in the B.A. English & American Studies takes two years and comprises the basic and advanced modules.

Students may start the programme in the major in the winter semester and in the minor in the winter semester or the summer semester. The B.A. programme consists of four main parts:

Literary Studies, Cultural Studies and Linguistics

In the first year, the basic modules in Literary Studies, Cultural Studies and Linguistics introduce students to the main methods and concepts used to study Anglophone literatures and cultures and the English language. The modules consist of a lecture combined with either a seminar or a tutorial or both.

In the advanced modules, students deepen their knowledge of Anglophone literatures and cultures and the English language; they apply and enhance the skills acquired in the basic modules in a series of thematic seminars and lectures of their choice.

In the third year, students develop their individual specialization profile in the focus modules I and II, which can be taken flexibly in Literary Studies, Cultural Studies or Linguistics. For their bachelor thesis they enjoy a high degree of independence in choosing their own topic, formulating a relevant research question, selecting an appropriate methodology, and conducting research.

Academic English

Along with knowledge of the subject matter and theoretical background related to the programme of studies, students acquire advanced English language skills. The Language and Use module allows students to assess where they stand in terms of their English language skills. After having completed this and the Oral Communication module, students can choose from a number of options in written and oral communication and translation in the advanced and focus modules. The aim of these lessons in academic English is to teach students how to prepare and give presentations as well as write papers throughout their academic career.

Professional Skills

These academic studies are complemented by the acquisition of 21 ECTS credits in career-orientated Professional Skills ("Schlüsselqualifikationen").

The University's Career Service offers a wide range of classes on journalism, digital humanities, international business and management, rhetoric and communication, academic writing, and many other subjects. In addition, students can get credits for internships, activities in student theatre or music groups, software/programming classes or language classes at the University's Language Center.