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Bachelor of Education "Höheres Lehramt an Beruflichen Schulen mit Schwerpunkt Sozialpädagogik/ Pädagogik"

The University of Tübingen offers the Bachelor Education in the subject "Social Pedagogy/ Pedagogy (berufliches Lehramt)" for students pursuing a career as a teacher at vocational schools (Berufsschulen). The website of the Tübingen Institute of Education offers more information on this special study programme.

Classes in this programme of study comprise courses in educational science, tailored specifically to a teaching career at vocational schools, and in a second general educational subject of choice. The range of potential second subjects stretches from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy, History and Religious Education to modern languages like Spanish, French and, last but not least, English. The curriculum for the second subject consists of a subject-specific and a teaching-related part.


The curriculum for the subject English in the B.Ed. "Social Pedagogy/ Pedagogy (berufliches Lehramt)" is comparable to the curriculum in the B.Ed. English for Gymnasien with courses in Literary and Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Academic English as the subject-specific part and Teaching English as a Foreign Language as the teaching-related part of the programme. The special regulations for the subject English in the B.Ed. "Social Pedagogy/ Pedagogy (berufliches Lehramt)" are detailed in the corresponding module handbook.