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Master Programs at the School of Business and Economics

The Master programs at the School of Business and Economics allow for a seamless integration of courses from both business and economics into the curriculum. Nevertheless, our programs can be broadly categorized as either economics or business administration programs. All programs are generally research-oriented and offer a PhD-track option.

Business Administration

Our business administration oriented Master programs are three-semester programs. Exception are the M.Sc. in European Management and the M.Sc. in International Business, which are four-semester programs due to an integrated study period abroad. As for General Management, European Management and International Business, students choose specializations from a broad range of business specializations, such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing or Taxation. The curriculum of Management and Economics includes both courses in economics and management sciences, wheras Accounting and Finance students are required to take courses from each of the two pillars of Finance and Accounting. This paves the ground for specialization through advanced field courses in either Accounting or Finance.


Our economic oriented programs are four-semester programs. The curriculum is built around a set of core courses taken from micro- and macroeconomics, microeconometrics, time series analysis, and finance. These courses provide a rigorous introduction into the respective fields at graduate level and acquaint all students with the tools and formal background necessary to pursue independent research in their future studies.

These nine Master programs constitute our school's state of the art master concept.

M.Ed. Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Since 2018/19 the School of Business and Economics is offering the M.Ed. in Economics (teacher training).


We are committed to a Master’s degree that enjoys a high international reputation. Our programs give you the opportunity to achieve a competitive edge on the job market. You will acquire up-to-date scientific knowledge that is in high demand for professional careers in a wide range of sectors and industries.

Graduates from our Economic programs may aim for executive careers in business and finance as well as for administrative positions in the public sector and international institutions. Moreover, careers in Economics typically include policy advice, publishing, consulting and research.

Our Business Administration graduates pursue successful careers as business consultants, accountants, bankers, managers and analysts in the broad area of business. Moreover, graduates have excellent career prospects across a wide range of fields in financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies, in auditing firms, management consulting, industrial firms and the public sector. It is due to the generous flexibility of the programs that students can prepare themselves for either a more general or for a more specialized career trajectory.

Comment for international applicants

A law was passed in the state of Baden-Würrtemberg, which has increased the fees for international students and students who are studying a second degree. The fees will be imposed for the first time in the Winter Semester 2017/2018. For more information and regulations on exemptions: