Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

audit family-friendly university

The certificate “audit family-friendly university” by the berufundfamilie gGmbH was awarded to the University of Tübingen on 15 March 2014. The goal is to optimize and expand family-friendly structures within the next three years, as the reconcilability of work/studies with family is a key cornerstone of an equality-based, future-oriented university. The goal agreements, which set down measures and sub-goals, can be seen on the Familienbüros website along with more information about the audit.

Studying with family commitments

On December 8, 2014, the board of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences passed the „Framework guidelindes for the Faculty of Economics and Social Scienes on students who have family commitments“ sowie „Recommendations for standardized compensation measures“.

The guidelines are meant to clarify responsibilities and aid students as well as supervisors in matters such as

The Family Office has also created a sheet with Information on „Studying with family commitments“ (German only) that is meant to support especially the examination offices and academic subject advisors.

In cases of conflict, the respective Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs in the departments (studiendekanspam prevention@sowi.uni-tuebingen.de, studiendekanspam prevention@wiwi.uni-tuebingen.de) or the Faculty's Equality and Diversity Officer is responsible. Students who are expecting a child may also contact the Officer for Pregnant Students.