Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Responsibilities of the committees

The Faculty Board

The Faculty Board of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences consists of the full-time Dean and four Vice-Deans, one of whom is Dean Academic. The Faculty Board is the governing body of the academic self-administration and is responsible for all matters of the faculty, unless the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) provides otherwise. This applies in particular to the preparation of structural and development plans, the drafting of business plans, the decision on the use of funds by the faculty, proposals for professorships and evaluation matters. Advisory members are the Head of departments and the two managing directors of the faculty.


Full-time Dean and Vice-Deans

The full-time dean represents the faculty externally and internally. He is Chairman of the Faculty Board and the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and a member of the Senate of the University of Tübingen. The dean' s deputy is one of the vice deans. The full-time Dean is elected for six years by the Faculty Council on the recommendation of the Rector and the Vice-Deans on the recommendation of the Dean.


Associate Dean(s) Academic

In consultation with the relevant Academic Affairs Committee, the Associate Deans Academic are elected for a period of six years by the Faculty Council from the ranks of the Faculty’s full-time professors. There are two Academic Affairs Committees in the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (one for the School of Business and Economics and one for the Department of Social Sciences). Both Associate Deans Academic are members of the Faculty Board, one as Associate Dean Academic of the Faculty and the other as Deputy Dean. Within the framework of the Dean’s overall responsibility, the Associate Deans Academic carry out day-to-day duties related to matters of teaching and study. In particular, they are expected to ensure a proper and complete range of courses, and they prepare resolutions on curricula and exam regulations. Furthermore, they coordinate the Student Advisory Service and provide assistance in case of complaints regarding the course of studies and examinations.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the decision-making body of the Faculty and advises on all matters of fundamental importance to the Faculty. Approval by the Faculty Council is required for structure and development plans, the formation, change and termination of faculty facilities, and examination and study regulations.

The Dean chairs the Faculty Council; all members of the Faculty Board and the Heads of Department are members of the Faculty Council by virtue of their office. In addition, five university lecturers, three academic staff, three non-academic staff members and, as a general rule, five student representatives are members of the Faculty Council. The student representatives are elected by the students of the Faculty for a period of one year. All other groups elect their representatives for a period of six years each.

The Institute Directors and the Equal Opportunities Officer take part in the meetings in an advisory capacity, as do student representatives from those subjects that are not represented by elected student representatives.