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Forms and information sheets for doctorate at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Tübingen

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Application for admission as a doctoral candidate   pdf
Doctoral Agreement   pdf
Interview Guide for doctoral students   pdf

Application for admission to the doctoral qualification process
(Please hand in this form with your PhD thesis)

Declarations according to § 5 (2) of the doctoral degree regulations
(Please hand in this form with your PhD thesis)
Title page of your PhD thesis doc  
Registration for oral examination   pdf
Abstract for the oral examination doc  
Application for a shortened disputation deadline   pdf
Application for extension of the PhD period   pdf

Declaration concerning divergencies regarding the submitted PhD thesis
(Please hand in before publishing your PhD thesis)


Information sheets

Guidelines on ensuring good academic practice pdf
Information sheet on doctorates pdf
Information sheet concerning the oral examination pdf
Guidelines for publication of doctoral thesis pdf
Handout for the case publication of thesis in journals is intended pdf

Doctoral Degree Regulations

Doctoral Degree Regulations of 20 December 2016 (current Version) pdf
Doctoral Degree Regulations of 14 July 2014, last changes made on 20 July 2015 (old Version) pdf