Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Assistant Prof. (teaching) for Empirical Social Science Methodology

The assistant professorship is a part of the Faculty´s Methods Center founded in 2018. The course program is not specific to any subject but is an offer for the entire Faculty. The refresher courses in methods of empirical social science research are aimed particularly at students transitioning from their Bachelor’s to their Master’s.

The assistant professorship’s program includes:

Further information

Credits for Assistant Professorship Classes

  1. These courses are not a replacement for the institutes’ regular compulsory courses.
  2. Participation: Participation is generally possible for all students, and they can get credit for participation (e.g. as an elective area). The students will receive a certificate of attendance.
  3. Assessed coursework: In individual cases, it is possible to get credit for assessed coursework. “Individual cases” include reasons that prohibit a student from attending another compulsory course, e.g. illness, reconcilability of career and studies, family reasons, stays abroad. It is also possible to get credit for make-up work (especially in the transition from BA to MA).