Faculty of Science

Faculty Council

Tasks of the Board

The Faculty Council advises on all matters of the faculty and is of fundamental importance. It comments on appointment proposals. The approval of the Faculty Council is required for, among other things:

  1.     the structural and development plans of the Faculty,
  2.     the formation, modification and abolition of institutions of the Faculty,
  3.     the study and examination regulations of the Faculty; the approval requires the agreement of the responsible
        study commission,
  4.     resolutions on the rules of procedure,
  5.     appointment proposals,
  6.     co-optations according to § 22 Abs. 4 Satz 2 LHG


each 12.30 p.m. s.t. Room 7E02 (Lecture Hall Center Morgenstelle)

Winter term 2022/23

Summer term 2023

Winter term 2023/24

Constitution of the Faculty Council

Dean: Prof. Dr. Thilo Stehle

Professors (14 seats)

Prof. Dr. Hannah Markwig (Mathematics)
Prof. Dr. Monika Fleischer (Physics)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Huson (Computer Science)

Prof. Dr. Doris Kunz (Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Peschel (Biology)
Prof. Dr. Boris Maček (Biology)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Walter (Computer Science)

Prof. Dr. Josef Jochum (Physics)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Scholten (Geosciences)

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Rüdiger Köhler (Biology)

Prof. Dr. Peter Ochs (Mathematics)

Prof. Dr. Harald Groß (Pharmacy)

Prof. Dr. Dominique Lunter (Pharmacy)

Prof. Dr. Martin Oettel (Physics)

Prof. Dr. Peter Pickl (Mathematics)

1. Prof. Dr. Reinhold Fink (Chemistry)
2. Prof. Dr. Nico Pfeifer (Computer Science)
3. Prof. Dr. Caterina Gawrilow (Psychology)
4. Prof. Dr. Tobias Lachenmaier (Physics)
5. Prof. Dr. Ralf-Peter Jansen (Biochemistry)
6. Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Nürk (Psychology)

Academic Staff (3 seats)

Dr. Marc Schlegel (Physics)

Dr. Lars Schneider (Mathematics)
Janina Eberhart, Ph.D. (Psychology)

1. Dr. Markus Kramer (Chemistry)
2. Dr. Nils Anthes (Biology)
3. Dr. Markus Wolters (Biochemistry)

Students (s Seats)

Cornelia Ebert (Psychology)

Fabian Hagen (Mathematics)

Patrick Boppert (Computer Science)

Karl Mau (Biochemistry)

Tobias Krug (Biochemistry)


1. Leon Fuß (Computer Science)

2. Jannis Ahlert (Computer Science)

3. Alexander Schwab (Computer Science)

Postgraduate (1 seat)
Monika Conrad (Chemistry)



Other employees (3 seats)
Bettina Kappler (Computer Science)

Dr. Verena Seibold (Psychology)

Eva Lohmann (Physik)


1. Ralf Stiefel (Physics)

2. Claudia Walter (Computer Science)

3. Harald Gerstberger (Computer Science)

Advising Members:

Vice Deans
Department´s Speakers
Equal Opportunity Commissioner



Term elected non-student members till 30.09.2025

Term elected student members till 30.09.2023

Information on application procedures


In order to see the different procedures, you have to register for the intranet of the University of Tübingen.