Faculty of Science

Faculty Council


The Faculty Council comments on, among other things:

  1. Applications for
    • Association of a university of applied sciences professorship
    • Außerplanmäßige Professur (Associate Professor)
    • Evaluation of junior professorships
    • Adjunct professorship
    • Cooptation
  2. Appointment proposals
  3. Formation, modification and abolition of faculty institutions
  4. Rules of procedure
  5. Structural and development plans
  6. Study and examination regulations

Composition of the Board

The Faculty Council of MNF is composed of the Dean, 14 other professorial and 3 academic members, 5 students, 1 doctoral student, and 5 other employees. The Vice-Deans, heads of department, and the MNF Equal Opportunity Officer participate in an advisory capacity.

Elected members