Faculty of Science

Faculty Council

Tasks of the Board

The Faculty Council maintains a position of fundamental significance and is to be consulted on any matter concerning the faculty. It relays its opinion on appointment nominations and has to agree on important matters for the faculty, for instance amendments to examination and study regulations.

Constitution of the Faculty Council

Dean: Prof. Dr. Thilo Stehle

Professors (14 Seats)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Kohlbacher (Computer Science)
Prof. Dr. Hannah Markwig (Mathematics)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Daniels (Pharmacy)
Prof. Dr. Harald Groß (Pharmacy)
Prof. Dr. Daniel Huson (Computer Science)
Prof. Dr. Walter Paravicini (Mathematics)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Walter (Computer Science)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Geiger (Computer Science)
Prof. Dr. Monika Fleischer (Physics)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Peschel (Biology)
Prof. Dr. Boris Maček (Biology)
Prof. Dr. Doris Kunz (Chemistry)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Laufer (Pharmacy)

Prof. Dr. Caterina Gawrilow (Psychology)

1. Prof. Dr. Jan Benda (Biology)
2. Prof. Dr. Martin Oettel (Physics)
3. Prof. Dr. Martin Zerner (Mathematics)
4. Prof. Dr. Thomas Scholten (Geosciences)
5. Prof. Dr. Heinz-Rüdiger Köhler (Biology)
6. Prof. Dr. Tobias Lachenmaier (Physics)
7. Prof. Dr. Ralf-Peter Jansen (Biochemistry)
8. Prof. Dr. Ronald Schönberg (Geosciences)
9. Prof. Dr. Dirk Schwarzer (Biochemistry)
10. Prof. Dr. Christian Zwiener (Geosciences)
11. Prof. Dr. Reinhold Fink (Chemistry)
12. Prof. Dr. Paul Bons (Geosciences)
13. Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Nürk (Psychology)

Academic Staff (3 Seats)
Dr. Lars Schneider (Mathematics)
Dr. Günter Lang (Physics)
Dr. Nils Anthes (Biology)

1. Dr. Markus Kramer (Chemistry)
2. Dr. Wolfgang Bott (Geosciences)
3. Dr. Klaus Möschel (Biochemistry)

Students (5 Seats)

Maxim Drömer (Biochemistry)

Karl Mau (Biochemistry)

Sebastian Walch (Physics)

Johannes Hundeshagen (Psychology)
Fabian Hagen (Mathematics)


Postgraduate (1 Seat)
Monika Conrad (Chemistry)


Fritz Becker (Psychology)

Other employees (3 Seats)
Bettina Kappler (Computer Science)
Ralph Stiefel ( Physics)

Susanne Hempel ( Physics)


1. Eva Lohmann (Physics)
2. Claudia Walter (Computer Science)

Advising Members:

Vice Deans
Department´s Speakers
Equal Opportunity Commissioner



Term elected members till 30.09.2022