Urgeschichte und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie

Welcome to the Archaeo- and Paleogenetics Group

About Our Group

The research focus of our group entails the genetic analysis of ancient human, pathogen, and animal diversity. We apply cutting-edge computational pipelines and molecular biology methodologies to extract genomic information from ancient specimens, to aid the understanding of human history and evolution over tens of millennia. Our interests span from reconstructing the demographic history of Neanderthal populations to tracking human dispersals during the Late Pleistocene and early Holocene across Eurasia. Moreover, our team investigates the genetic history of early inhabitants of the Asia-Pacific region and the peopling of the Americas. In more recent periods, our group is engaged in reconstructing the mobility, admixture and living conditions of historical populations through the genomic analysis of humans and their associated pathogens. Our research expands beyond human fossils by investigating multiple ancient DNA sources including ancient animal and plant remains, coprolites, and cave sediments, as part of the Leibniz Science Campus "Geogenomic Archaeology Campus Tübingen (GACT)".

Dept. Archaeo- and Palaeogenetics
Hölderlinstraße 12,
72074 Tübingen

Group Leader
Jun. Prof. Cosimo Posth
+49 07071 29-74089
cosimo.posth [at] uni-tuebingen.de


Selected Recent Publications

07/2023 (Nature Ecology & Evolution) Genomic history of coastal societies from eastern South America

09/2021 (Science Adv.)
Origins and Legacy of the Etruscans

03/2023 (Nature)
Palaeogenomics of Upper Palaeolithic to Neolithic European hunter-gatherers

08/2021 (Annals of Human Biology)
Where Asia meets Europe

01/2023 (Curr Biol)
Middle Holocene Siberian genomes

08/2021 (Nature)
Hunter-gatherer genome from Wallacea

06/2022 (Nature)
The Source of the Black Death

04/2021 (Nature E&E)
>45,000 BP Zlatý kůň modern human genome