Englisches Seminar

Lectures on timms

You will find recordings of lectures held by Prof. Dr. Christoph Reinfandt on timms.

Please follow this link and search for "Christoph Reinfandt" or the lecture you are looking for:


Also, you can find a list of all recorded lectures of the English Seminar by following this link and clicking on Philosophische Fakultät > Neuphilologie > Englisches Seminar:


Recorded Lectures held by Christoph Reinfandt:

What was Modernism, WS 17/18, WS 10/11

Introduction to Cultural Studies, SS 17, SS 13

Romanticism Today: The Singer/Songwriter-Paradigm, SS 16

Literary Theory: A Historical Survey, WS 15/16

Romanticism, SS 15, SS 09

Literary History: A Systematic Approach, WS 14/15, WS 08/09

Indian Literature in English: An Introduction, SS 14, SS 08

The Novel Today: Recent British Fiction, WS 13/14, SS 10

Introduction to Literary Studies, WS 17/18, WS 14/15, WS 11/12, WS 09/10, WS 08/09, 07/08

Realism, SS 11

The Literary Market in the UK, SS 11

Inaugural Lecture: The Humanities and Technicity in Times of Technology, SS 11

Writing Ireland - Irish Writing, WS 11/12

Literary Theory: A Survey, WS 09/10

A Brief History of Authorship, SS 07