Werner Reichardt Centrum für Integrative Neurowissenschaften (CIN)

Multi-Level Modeling in Motor Control and Rehabilitation Robotics

The research group "Multi-Level Modeling in Motor Control and Rehabilitation Robotics" focuses on the generation and control of active biological movements. We develop computer models and simulations of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. In a multi-level approach, we consider the different hierarchical levels contributing to movement generation. This interdisciplinary approach is mainly based on biophysics, biomechanics, and computational motor control.

In this context we investigate fundamental sensorimotor control mechanisms and their dysfunction in neurological disease. A deeper understanding of dynamics, impaired control and interaction will serve as a basis for the development of functional assistive devices.

The group is part of the new regional research alliance "System Human Being" between the University of Tübingen and the University of Stuttgart. Our goal is to link the neuroscientific expertise in Tübingen with the expertise in computer simulation at the Stuttgart Research Center for Simulation Science (SC SimTech).

Selected Publications