Werner Reichardt Centrum für Integrative Neurowissenschaften (CIN)


MuT-Mentoring and Training Program

The MuT-Mentoring and Training Program (“Mut” also means courage in German) offers vocational support for female junior scientists in Baden-Württemberg. The program comprises two actions. The Mentoring program aims to bring young scientists into contact with experienced role models and supporting networking among female researchers. The Training program encompasses workshops similar to those offered by the BAW (they will be given in the German language).

The MuT Program is part of the activities offered by the Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers (LaKoG) at universities and academic institutions in Baden-Württemberg. Furthermore, this institute coordinates the following programs to promote women’s careers:

  • Margarete von Wrangell program (aimed at young female university lecturers),
  • Schieben-Lange program (aimed at junior researchers with children).

Minerva-FemmeNet Mentoring Program

Female researchers at the Max-Planck Institutes may apply for the "Minerva-FemmeNet" Mentoring Program. This mentoring network currently consists of about 200 female scientists who are either current or former employees of the Max Planck Society.


AcademiaNet brings excellent women researchers into the spotlight for those wishing to find members for scientific bodies or to fill leadership positions, reporting on science, programming conferences, or looking to bring in experts for making decisions.

Other Assistance

There are several Bureaus of Gender Equality seeking to promote equal opportunities in the vicinity of the CIN.

The Bureau of Gender Equality (Gleichstellungsbüro) at the University of Tübingen supports university members at all academic levels, comprising the student body as well as advanced scientists and professors (except the Faculty of Medicine).  Female (under)graduate students are encouraged to enroll in the TEAching equality-seminars offered by the Bureau. Seminars will be held in German.

Employees of the University hospital are asked to refer to the Bureau of Gender Equality at the University Hospitals (UKT).

Please see both homepages for current lectures on careers for women and gender issues, as well as child care support.

There is also a Municipial Office of Gender Equality in Tübingen. Please see their homepage for upcoming events.