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Specialised Information Service for Religious Studies (FID Religious Studies)

The Specialised Information Service (FID) for Religious Studies is provided by Tübingen University Library. The RelBib database documents in detail literature of relevance to the study of religion, and rapid access to the full texts from any location is provided where possible.


  • Mareike Heinritz

Field of work of FID Religious Studies

RelBib - Bibliography of Religious Studies

'RelBib' is an open access, comprehensive bibliography of literature of relevance to religious studies, which is not dependent on stock.

RelBib offers

  • comprehensive systematic records of monographs
  • religious studies journals researched at article level
  • religious studies articles from theological, Judaist and cultural studies journals
  • integration of freely accessible electronic journals and digital content
  • gradual expansion of the spectrum of appraised journals in consultation with the research community
  • requesting potential uses of identified references
  • option for users to instigate the purchase of a monograph if the title is not available in Germany (“PDA”)

Collection profile

In accordance with a profile developed in cooperation with the specialist community, FID Religious Studies acquires monographs, collected editions and journals from Germany and elsewhere.

The profile includes literature on:

  • theory and methods, history of religion and comparative religions
  • religions in an international and global context, above all the “New Religious Movements”. Literature on individual non-Christian ‘high’ religions is collected in the respective regionally-focused FIDs (FID “Near and Middle East, Islamic Studies”; FID CrossAsia; FID Jewish Studies).
  • other spiritual movements and antireligious/ irreligious movements and/or criticism of religion.

Open Access / secondary publication service

FID Religious Studies supports the publication and accessibility of religious studies literature by maintaining a specialist repository for secondary publications.

In the FID Religious Studies repository, secondary publications from religious studies researchers are collected and made permanently available via open access.

We have compiled a leaflet with FAQs concerning secondary publication in a repository:

Religious Studies portals

  • REMID - Religionswissenschaftlicher Medien- und Informationsdienst e.V.
  • InfoRel -Differentiated and independent information about religions... (Switzerland)
  • Marginalien - Side notes on religious studies