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Tübingen University Library provides all active students, faculty and staff of the University and the University Hospital with free licenses of the Citavi literature management system within the scope of a campus license (does not apply to alumni, guest and secondary students).


There is a second literature management software called EndNote, which is also offered as a campus license. You can find further instructions on the ZDV pages, we also offer training courses in german on this.

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How to use Citavi (installation and licensing)

The program is free of charge for members of the University of Tübingen (incl. University Hospital).

  1. Download and install Citavi Free from the vendor's download page. Please note the installation instructions.
  2. Register an account on this page. Use your university email address for this purpose.
  3. Log in to your account. You will find your license data there. Copy them.
  4. Start Citavi. In the Start window, click license data and then enter license data. Citavi will automatically apply the copied license data.

The license is valid until the end of the campus lease (license currently runs until 31.03.2024) or your departure from the University of Tübingen.

Further information and assistance

On the Citavi website you will find detailed descriptions of the individual features as well as numerous tools and descriptions of the software.

Citavi and EndNote are not the only literature management programs on the market. Have a look on our course "Literaturverwaltungsprogramme im Vergleich" in the Selbstlernportal to understand which literature management is best for your needs.

A comparison of the current offers in german (as of June 2020) can be found compiled by TUB Munich staff.