University Library

Old catalogues

Subject catalogue ("Eppelsheimer")

This card catalogue is a subject catalogue of the acquisitions between 1960 until 1993. Since 1994 the catalogue was not updated anymore.

It can be consulted in the department "Dokumentation und Sacherschließung" via the lending division's gallery. Please knock on the door.

Old dissertations' catalogue

Since 1980 doctoral theses were catalogued in Bibliothekskatalog Tübingen. In addition, a big number of the older theses have been recatalogued there.

However, a catalogue on microfiches for doctoral theses from the beginnings until 1980 should be consulted if a search for an older thesis was not successful in the Bibliothekskatalog Tübingen.

Old catalogue in bound volumes

This catalogue in bound volumes contains the holdings upto 1960 in a systematical order. It may be helpful when a thematic search for old books is requested.

It can be consulted via the Historical Reading Room. Please ask at the information desk there.