Institute of Sports Science

Contact persons

Prof. Dr. Tim Pawlowski

  • Sport leagues and competitions
  • Sports funding and public finance
  • Sports demand: stadium, TV / streaming
  • Digitalization processes in sports
  • Economics of football
  • Sports participation in society

Dr. Verena Burk

  • Sport and media
  • Public Relations and sport
  • Organisation of sport (national, international)
  • Dual career of athletes

Dr. Marcel Fahrner

  • Organizational development in sport
  • Management and marketing of professional team sports
  • Elite sport and society

Dr. Ute Schüttoff

  • Sports participation
  • Economic effects of sports activity
  • Social media and sport

Dr. Georgios Nalbantis

  • League economics
  • Demand for sporting competitions

Tim Wallrafen

  • Sports demand
  • Economics of league competitions

Felix Otto

  • Behavioral economics and sport demand
  • Decision-making of professional agents in sports
  • Sport sponsoring