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Research Areas


Wachsmuth, S., Jowett, S., & Harwood, C. (2017). Conflict among athletes and their coaches: What is the theory and research so far? International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 10(1), 84-107. Doi: 10.1080/1750984X.2016.1184698 [more]

Wachsmuth, S., Jowett, S., & Harwood, C. (2018). On understanding the nature of conflict between coaches and athletes. Journal of Sport Sciences, 36(17), 1955-1962. Doi: 10.1080/02640414.2018.1428882 [more]

Wachsmuth, S., Jowett, S., & Harwood, C. (2018). Managing conflict in coach—athlete relationships. Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology. Ahead of print. Doi: 10.1037/spy0000129 [more]

Selected scientific and aplied presentations

Jowett, S., Wachsmuth, S., Harwood, C., & Zhong, X. (2018, accepted). The CAREproject: Empowering athletes to form better relationships with their coaches. Oral presentation at the 33rd AASP Conference, Toronto, Canada.

Wachsmuth, S., Jowett, S., & Harwood, C. (2018). Do you know how? Supporting coaches in their attempts to manage conflict. Oral presentation at the 50th asp Jahrestagung, Cologne, Germany.

Wachsmuth, S. (2017). Lessons learnt from studying interpersonal conflict within sports coaching. Oral presentation at the 11th ICCE Global Coach Conference, Liverpool, UK.

Wachsmuth, S., & Jowett, S. (2017). Adversity in the coach-athlete relationship: Power abuse and interpersonal conflict. Symposium at the 14th ISSP World Congress, Sevilla, Spain.

Wachsmuth, S., Jowett, S., & Harwood, C. (2017). Emotional intelligence as a predictor of conflict responses and coach-athlete relationship quality. Oral presentation at the 50th NASPSPA Conference, San Diego, USA.

Wachsmuth, S. (2017). Building successful coach-athlete relationships. Workshop for Sport Coach UK, ASPIRE Talent Coach Development Program, Nottingham, GB.

Wachsmuth, S., Jowett, S., & Harwood, C. (2016). How to deal with dispute: Conflict management strategies utilized by high performance coaches and athletes. Oral presentation at the DSEP Annual Conference, Cardiff, GB.

Wachsmuth, S., Jowett, S., & Harwood, C. (2016). Make it or break it: conflict in coach-athlete relationships. Oral presentation at the 21st Annual ECSS Congress, Wien, Österreich.

Wachsmuth, S., Jowett, S., & Harwood, C. (2016). Konflikterleben in Trainer-Athlet Beziehungen. Oral presentation at the 48th asp Jahrestagung, Münster, Germany.

Wachsmuth, S., & Pelka, M. (2015). Networking (as) opportunity for German Sport Psychology Workshop) at the 47th asp Jahrestagung, Freiburg, Germany.

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Administration and Scientific Organizations


2009-2012 Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Regensburg/GER

European Master of Sport and Exercise Psychology (double-degree, including an MSc Sport Psychology, University of Jyväskylä/ FIN, and an MSc Sport Diagnostics and Intervention/ Sport Psychology, Leipzig University/GER)

since 2015

Member of the management council of the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP)


PhD studies at Loughborough University /GB under supervision of Prof Sophia Jowett und Prof.Chris Harwood (Title of thesis: Interpersonal Conflict in Coach-Athlete Relationships: From Theory to Practice; Viva conducted by Dr. Fehmidah Munir/ Loughborough University, and Prof. Anne Marte Pensgaard/ Norwegian School of Sports in Januar 2018)

since 2018

Postdoctoral researcher within the research group of Sport Psychology & Methodology led by Prof. Oliver Höner; Institute of Sports Science, University of Tübingen/ GER