Become RadCHECKER for this year`s RadCHECK-Event!

Student Health Management is looking for RadCHECKERS for this year's RadCHECK event.

On 25.04.2023 the RadCHECK event 2023 will take place!
You are interested in bicycles and already bring a certain know-how, so that smaller or larger damages do not remain undetected?
Then become a RadCHECKER:IN at this year's RAdCHECK event.
Your commitment will be compensated with an expense allowance.

Sounds good? Then register now for the RadCHECKER training. This will take place on 05.04.2023 from 14:30- 17:30, will be conducted by a representative of the German Bike Club (ADFC) and serves as preparation for the RadCHECK.

You can find more information about the training and the RadCHECK on our homepage.

Registration training