5th TUDOKU Conference 2019

Alltagsgeschichte in Korean Studies July 19–20, 2019 at the Center for Korean Studies, Univ. of Tübingen

Schedule of sessions 

Friday, July19th

Seminar Room, Ob dem Himmelreich 7

9.00-9.20         Opening and Welcome
                          Jung Byung Wook, You Jae Lee  

9.20-10.40       Keynote: Alexandra OESER (CNRS, Univ. Paris-Nanterre)
                          "Meanderings (Gemengelage) of Alltagsgeschichte and
                           French materialist feminism: which encounters?"

10.50-12.10      DO Ju-gyeong
                           "Everyday life of nobi(奴婢) and the 'gye(契)' in
                            late Joseon dynasty"      

12.10-14.00      Lunch (Pizza Roma)

14.00-15.20      JOO Dongbin
                          "Stealing tap water and electricity, and governing
                           the colonial city"

15.30-16.50      YOON Jong Woo
                           "Colonial police's public service education and
                            everyday life of the minjung"

17.00-18.00      JUNG Byung Wook, You Jae LEE
                          Text Discussion: Alf Lüdtke: “Was ist und wer treibt

18.00-20.00      BBQ (Grill)


Saturday, Juli 20th

Room 30, Wilhelmstraße 133

9.00-10.20         KIM Jaewon
                           "Gap in cultural life between classes in the 1980s and the
                            representation of pop music in the 1970/80s "

10.30-11.50       LEE Songsoon
                           "Dietary life of urban underclass before and after the
                            Liberation: Comparative study of 'Tomangmin'(squatter)
                            in Colony Joseon in 1930s~1940s and the urban
                            underclass in 1960/70s South Korea"

12.00-14.00       Lunch (Lustnauer Mühle)

14.00-17.00       Excursion: Gedenkstätte Grafeneck

18.00                  Dinner (Neckarmüller)


You Jae LEE (professor) 
Birgit GEIPEL (post-doc) 
Gwangsoon LIM (doctoral program) 
Max ALTENHOFEN (doctoral program)
Thomas EICHERT (master’s program) 

Guest: Alexandra OESER (professor) 

Rike WERNER (master’s program) 
Philipp WINDISCHMANN (master’s program)

JUNG Byung-Wook (professor) 
KWON Naehyun (professor) 
LEE Songsoon (research professor)
DO Ju-gyeong (doctoral program) 
JOO Dongbin (doctoral program) 
KIM Jaewon (doctoral program) 
YOON Jong Woo (master’s program) 


Max Altenhofen, M.A.