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A Life Course Perspective on Inequality Trends across Households

supported by the Institutional Strategy of the University of Tübingen (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, ZUK 63)

In previous research, the life course has been recognized as an important vehicle through which social inequality is shaped. Not only do we see inequality arising between people at different stages in the life course, also inequality within cohorts tends to increase as the cohort ages. However, so far, research into the increasing trends in income inequality has not focused on the lifecourse. The main aim of this project is to examine how life course processes contribute to understanding the sharp rise in income inequality that was seen in Germany and other European countries over the previous decades.

Leen Vandecasteele (P.I.)
Kerstin Stockmayer (studentische Hilfskraft)
Sebastian Bertsche (studentische Hilfskraft)