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Interdisciplinary research network UnKUT

UnKUT stands for „Undisciplined knowledge at the University of Tübingen“ and is a research network established at the University of Tübingen in 2017. Its purpose is to link scholars engaged in qualitative, cultural research in different departments and institutions across the university.

UnKUT includes sociologists, anthropologists and historians and regularly invites scholars from other disciplines, such as American Studies or Islamic Studies, to share on-going research.

Participants discuss their research in regular meetings and organize a retreat once or twice a year where they engage in in-depth discussions on current research and writing projects. Topics as varied as urban diversity and migration, the sociology and anthropology of moralities, the cultural history of alcohol consumption, the good life etc. … are among the many interests they share with each other.

If you are interested in joining the UnKUT colloquiums and discussions or wish to present your work in progress to a group of interested people, please contact us: Paul.Schreiberspam prevention@ipu-berlin.de (Paul Robert Schreiber, coordinator).