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Other Philologies

This designation includes those languages and literatures that are not currently represented by a chair at the University of Tübingen and for which the UB acquires basic literature.

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"Other philologies" include

  • European marginal languages:
    • Finno-Ugric languages
    • Celtic languages
    • Basque languages
    • Languages of the Baltic States
    • Small Indo-European languages e.g. Frisian, Albanian
  • African languages
  • Eskimo languages
  • Native American languages
  • Languages of Southeast Asia and Oceania (including the indigenous languages of Australia and New Zealand)

University Library contact: Dr. Ludger Hüning

In most of these languages, mainly dictionaries and grammars are purchased.

The African languages were collected somewhat more intensively in the past, since they were important for the main subject "Near East, North Africa" represented at the UB Tübingen until 1998.

Electronic acquisitions

Literature by subject

can be found in the University Library 

  • in the Ammerbau reference holdings (non-circulating reference works):
    • for the European marginal languages, Eskimo languages and Indian languages in the "sophil" section
    • for the African languages in the "afra" (African studies), "afrw" (West Africa), "afrz" (Central Africa), "afro" (East Africa) and "afrs" (Southern Africa) sections
    • for the languages of Southeast Asia and Oceania in the "soas" section