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Study abroad

Your master’s course might afford you the last opportunity to spend some time abroad as a student. We are happy to assist you in seizing this opportunity.

Is study abroad part of the curriculum?

The M.A. Program ‘Media Studies’ is designed as a structured program. Although study abroad is not explicitly a part of the program, arrangements can be made to integrate a semester abroad. The Institute’s Erasmus Coordination and the University’s International Office will help you with this.

Why study abroad?

Taking coursework, studying, or interning in a different country has many benefits, including personal and professional growth through the exposure to different cultures and mindsets. It may also make graduates more appealing to prospective employers who increasingly seek employees with international experience.

When should I go abroad?

A good time to go abroad is the 4th semester, during which it might be possible to extend the study abroad program for up to one consecutive year, so you will link back up with the regular schedule upon return. Another option is to complete an internship during the semester break, though it is important to understand that our MA course offerings vary (so you may have to wait to take a particular course, or you might not be able to take it at all). Internships and semesters abroad require careful planning, so you do not experience setbacks upon return.

For further assistance, contact the Erasmus and Study Abroad Team at internationalspam

Is it better to study abroad or to complete an internship abroad?

Taking coursework at a foreign institution and completing an internship in an international company both have their advantages. If you do not wish to miss a semester, an internship may be the ideal option for you as it will allow you to integrate an international experience with hands-on work experience. An entire semester (or year) fulfils different outcomes, such as increased exposure to a foreign language and the ability to connect with locals on a more long-term basis. The university environment is ideally suited to make connections quickly. 

What partnerships do we have?

You can find more information about our partner universities, the study abroad process, and application procedures on our “outgoings” website. 


How can I transfer my credits from my semester abroad?

It is important to address this question before you go abroad, as the credit transfer process varies greatly from institution to institution. To ensure hassle-free transfer, you have to be informed about the credit awarding requirements of the guest university. It often goes back to making sure that you take coursework with similar content and similar workloads (in accordance with the ECTS system).

Further Information

For specific inquiries and information, please refer to our website “international”.


For individual advice, please contact the Study Abroad Team at internationalspam