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Dr. Claire Bullen

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


Institut für Soziologie

Wilhelmstr. 36 (Hegelbau)

1. Stock, Raum 110

72074 Tübingen


(+49) 07071 - 29 78381


Research and teaching areas of interest

•    Urban sociology and urban anthropology
•    Studying cities from the Global South
•    Urban comparison
•    Migration and diversity
•    Theorising and studying the state
•    Anthropology of Europe and the Mediterranean
•    Ethnographic methodologies
•    Decolonising pedagogies  

Active member of the UnKut network


2021 Bullen, Claire, Dieterich, Manuel, Manolova, Polina, Omar Martínez, Damián and Nieswand, Boris. 2021. Borders and the Production of Ill-Being. (An Invitation for) a Global Conversation, Anthropological Theory Commons. Link
2021 Bullen, C., Isnart, C., Glevarec, H. and Saez, G.: Cultural Heritage and Associations in France: Reflections on a Ground-Breaking Investigation, Twenty Years On, Museums and Society
2020 Bullen, C: La culture, partout? Politiques et pratiques du culturespeak à Liverpool dans les années 2000, Journal des anthropologues. Journal des Anthropologues no. 162–163: 65–83 Special issue: Cities, cultures and engagements.

Bullen, C. & Isnart, C. Uneasy associations? Critique, cultural heritage and the Mediterranean, International Journal Heritage Studies. Thematic section: Uneasy heritage associations in the Mediterranean.

2020 Bullen, C., Métais, J., Monnet, N. and C. Noûs: L’expérience ethnographique, expéri-mentée et partagée en école d’architecture. Terrains et Théorie. Special issue: Transmettre la pratique ethnographique: contours et détours.
2020 Bullen, C. & Isnart, C.: Critique, the Mediterranean and Cultural Heritage. Responding to Nick Dines, International Journal Heritage Studies. Thematic section: Uneasy heritage as-sociations in the Mediterranean.
2020 Bullen, C.: Unravelling histories: researching uneasy heritage associations in Oran, Al-geria, International Journal Heritage Studies. Thematic section: Uneasy heritage associations in the Mediterranean.
Forthcoming Bullen, C., Isnart, C., Glevarec, H. and Saez, G.: “Le patrimoine saisi par les associations”, vingt ans après. Entretien avec Guy Saez et Hervé Glevarec à propos d’une enquête pionnière sur l'engouement patrimonial en France, In Situ : Revue de Patrimoines
2019 Bullen, C.: The most cosmopolitan city in Europe? Situating politics and practices of cul-tural diversity in Marseille, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power,
2016 Bullen, C.: Comparing the ‘cultures of cities’ in two European Capitals of Culture. Etnofoor, 99-120 Special issue: The City,
2016 Bullen, C.: Tales of two cities: Comparing culture and social relations in Liverpool and Marseilles, two “European Capitals of Culture”. University of Manchester.
2013 Bullen, C.: European Capitals of Culture and Everyday Cultural Diversity: A Comparison of Liverpool (UK) and Marseilles (France), European Cultural Foundation
2012 Bullen, C.: Marseille, ville méditerranéenne? Enjeux de pouvoir dans la construction des identités urbaines. Rives méditerranéennes, 42(2), 157-171.
2011 Bullen, C.: European Capital of Culture as a regional development tool? The case of Marseille-Provence 2013. Tafter Journal, 42, Unpaginated.
2005 Geddes. A., Niessen. J., Balch. A., Bullen. C. &, Peiro. M.J.: European Civic Citizenship and Inclusion Index. British Council.


Selection of international workshops and seminars

27 - 30 Sep 2021 'Making ends meet: An analysis of 'ordinary' provisioning processes in two European cities ' in panel on Theorizing Migration and the Political Economy of Provisioning at the 2021 Conference of the German Anthropological Association.
26 Mar 2021 Engagements interdisciplinaires et questions spatiales, Séminaire de l'Association Française des Anthropologues
15 Apr 2019

Oran, ville méditerranéenne ? Passe, patrimoine et enjeux de pouvoir
Interdisciplinary Research Seminar on the Mediterranean, University Aix-Marseille

25-26 Jan 2018

The most cosmopolitan city in Europe?  Situating narratives of diversity in France's second city
European cities and diversity: new policies, changing relations between societal actors? Max-Planck-Institute, Göttingen, Allemagne


21-22 Jun 2017

Patrimoine sauvegardé? Une analyse ethnographique des politiques de patrimoine dans la deuxième ville d’Algérie.
LabexWeek 2017, seminar organised as part of the LabexMed Postdoctoral School, Aix Marseille University



Comparer la ville en Europe et en Méditerranée. Une approche ethnographique et relationnelle
IDEMEC Research Seminar, Aix Marseille University


15-16 Nov 2016

Cosmopolitan Marseilles? Exploring understandings and experience of diversity in France’s 'second city' using a comparative, relational and scalar lens
WWTF/City of Vienna, “Social Sciences and Humanities in Vienna: Symposium on Diversity and Identity », Austria



Academic Awards

2019 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Seal of Excellenceproject: Rethinking Urban Heritage in Mediterranean Cities

Post-doctoral scholarship, awarded by Aix-Marseille University/Labex Med/Gerda Henkel Foundation.  
Research title: Locating ‘Euromed’ heritage: An ethnographic study of heritage production in Algeria’s second city

2011 Travel Grant from University Association for Contemporary European Studies) for a three-month ethnography study concerning the notion of evaluation within the organisation Marseilles Provence
2010-11 Cultural Policy Research Award, European Cultural Foundation and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
2010 Two months grant from the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity to explore urban transformation and rescaling processes in Marseilles.
2009-15 Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures, University of Manchester doctoral bursary