Fachbereich Geschichtswissenschaft

I am currently working on an interdisciplinary research project titled Early medieval river deltas and mobility: the Rhône and Po case studies (6th -10th century). An interdisciplinary and comparative approachThe purpose of my research in Tübingen shall follow an initial interdisciplinary comparison between historical and archaeological sources of the two principal gates of the early medieval socio-economic circuits connecting southern Europe and the Mediterranean. The aims are four: 1) to analyse the impact that movements of people and goods had on delta's areas and societies, trying to see what kind of differences were evident with inland territories; 2) to understand how delta’s environment influenced the development of networks, making – where possible – comparisons with other well-known northern European and Mediterranean cases, like the Rhine – object of many recent research projects (Jansma, Van Lanen, Pierik 2017) – and the Nile (Cooper 2014); 3) finally, I shall engage the debate highlighted by McCormick retracing the reasons behind the shift of preferred route from the Rhône to the Po valley in the 8th century, focusing on the role played by the peculiar environments.  

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