Fachbereich Geschichtswissenschaft

My time in Tübingen in January to March 2019 was dedicated to work on a volume dealing with western Europe in Late Antiquity for the Oldenburg Grundrisse series. I had already completed a draft of the Darstellung section of the volume, although it required expansion and revision. The main focus of my work in Tübingen wason the section dealing with the Grundprobleme und Tendenzen der Forschung and with the bibliography covering the Quellen und Literatur. For me it was important to have access to the resources of a German university library, to ensure that the literature in the German language was properly covered. My two and a half months in Tübingen provided me with the necessary resources to prepare drafts of the bibliography and of the section devoted to the historiography of the period. In addition, I delivered a lecture on ‘The Early Medieval West as a Temple Society’ – one of the themes of the Darstellung section of the Oldenburg volume.