Fachbereich Geschichtswissenschaft

While I was in Tuebingen, I worked on several different things.  I worked on a piece on portrayals of John the Baptist and Zechariah in the Qur'an and in the pre-Islamic Christian tradition.  I drafted another piece on the history of Syriac philology and I finished a piece on the history of the word "Syriac."  The main focus, however, of my research in Tuebingen, was a book I am writing about the history of Greco-Syriac translation between roughly AD 400 and 1000.  I drafted roughly the first third of this book while I was in Tuebingen and spent a considerable amount of time working on an inventory of Greek works translated into Syriac.  I also collected materials related to various philological practices and concepts in a Syriac context.  The materials I collected will help, I hope, with the writing of the second part of the book.