Yamandu Hilbert

Function: Postdoctoral researcher

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen
Department of Palaeoanthropology
Rümelinstr. 23
72070 Tübingen

 Room 502, Hauptgebäude, 2. OG
 +49 07071 29-75652 


Yamandú Hieronymus Hilbert is a specialist in Palaeolithic and Neolithic archaeology focusing on raw material exploitation, use-wear analysis and human environmental interactions. He seeks to understand human evolution and dispersals through the study of lithic technology, experimental archaeology and the spatial distribution of stone tools at prehistoric sites across the Near East and beyond. As a field archaeologist, lithic specialist and traceologist he’s research focuses on a variety of subjects from ours species earliest expansions to the profound transformations deriving from the advent of sedentary life. He has conducted fieldwork in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arabian Emirates, Germany, Spain, France, Ukraine and Brazil.


Academic Trajectory

PhD, Doctor of Philosophy

University of Birmingham (UK)

B.A., Ur- und Frühgeschichtliche Archäologie und Archäologie des Mittelalters

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (Germany)


Peer-review journals

2021 Hilbert, Y. H., Clemente-Conte, I. J., al-Fudhaili, N., López Correa, M., (2021) Traceological analysis of Paleolithic backed points from Dhofar: insights into South Arabian projectile technology. The ISAS Bulletin 26, 13-15.
2020 Hilbert, Y.H., (2020) Jebel Kareem (TH.68): Techno‐typological characteristics of a distinctive lithic assemblage from Dhofar, southern Oman. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy31/1 128-139.
  Crassard, R., Hilbert, Y.H., (2020) Bidirectional blade technology on naviform cores from northern Arabia: new evidence of Arabian-Levantine interactions in the Neolithic. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 31/1 93-104.
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2016 Hilbert, Y.H., Crassard, R., Rose, J.I., Usik, V.I. (2016) Technological Homogeneity Within The Arabian Nubian Complex: Comparing Chert And Quartzite Assemblages From Central And Southern Arabia. Journal Of Lithic Studies 3 (2). doi:10.2218/jls.v3i2.1420
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Books and Edited Volumes

2020 Bretzke, K., Crassard, R., Hilbert Y.H. (2020) Stone Tools of Prehistoric Arabia (Supplement to Volume 50 of the Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies). Archaeopress: Oxford
2019 Rose, J.I., Hilbert, Y.H., Marks, A.E., Usik, V.I. (2019) The First Peoples of Oman Palaeolithic: Archaeology of The Nejd Plateau. The Archaeological Heritage of Oman, Archeopress, Oxford.
2014 Hilbert, Y.H. (2014) Khashabian: A Late Paleolithic industry from Dhofar, Southern Oman. British Archaeological Reports International Series 2601. British Foundation for the study of Arabian Monographs No.15. Oxford.


Chapters and contributions

In press Hilbert, Y.H., Crassard, R. (in Press) Prehistoric survey of the Al-Jawf Quadrangle, northern Saudi Arabia. In Charloux, G. Dumat al Jandal, Saudi Commission of Antiquity and Tourism.
  Hilbert, Y.H. (in Press.) The mineral processing activities at the Mumba cave and its traces on the Ground Stone Tools. In, Marks, A.E. and Conard, N.J.: Mumba Cave: The Kohl-Larsen East African Expedition1934-1937.
  Hilbert, Y.H. (in Press.) The ground stone tools from Units III, V and VI. In, Marks, A.E. and Conard, N.J: Mumba Cave: The Kohl-Larsen East African Expedition 1934- 1937.
2021 Hilbert, Y.H., Clemente-Conte, I. (2021) Stone tool use and rejuvenation at the Late Palaeolithic site of TH.413 Wadi Ribkout, southern Oman. in: Beyries, S., Hamon, C., Maigrot, Y. 2021. Beyond Use-Wear Traces: Going from tools to people by means of archaeological wear and residue analyses. Sidestone Press, Leiden pp. 129-142.
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Blog entry

2015 Hilbert, Y.H. (2015) Le Pléistocène récent en Arabie du Sud : questions de continuité ou de discontinuité du peuplement?, ArchéOrient - Le Blog, 11 december 2015, [online]
2013 Hilbert Y.H. (2013) The Late Palaeolithic blade industries of southern Arabia, ArchéOrient-Le Blog, 27 mai 2013. [online]


Other papers

2016 Hilbert, Y.H., Crassard, R. (2016) Upper Paleolithic Sites In Northern Saudi Arabia And The Extend Of The Levantine Up Contextual Zone: Implications For Human Movements Across The Northern Arabian Peninsula During MIS 3. 6 Annual Meeting Of The European Society For The Study Of Human Evolution. PESHE 5 (ISSN 2195- 0784) pp. 125.
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