David Naumann

Function: Doctoral Candidate

University of Tübingen
Institute for Archeaological Sciences
Rümelinstr. 23
72070 Tübingen

 Room 519


David Naumann is a bioarchaeologist whose main interests lie in the dynamics of human behavior and cultural evolution of the Pleistocene. This is reflected in his active participation at primarily Palaeolithic excavations in various countries of Eurasia where his responsibilities mostly covered technical assistance and guidance in the excavation of skeletal remains as well as their successive bioarchaeological examination. David’s focus during the time of his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Tübingen has been the acquisition of up-to-date methodologies to perform research about anatomical morphology and functional adaptations to better understand human behavior. This includes virtual imaging techniques and geometric morphometrics next to his extensive training in traditional bioarchaeological approaches for understanding human biology and life-history. His field work activities and several years as an assistant in the human osteological collection of the University of Tübingen deepened his knowledge and understanding of Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology.

Building upon his studies and previous work, David started his PhD studies in the ERC-funded project “FIRSTSTEPS” at the University of Tübingen. In this framework, he is going to investigate functional adaptations of internal and external humerus structures of Neanderthals and Early Modern Humans. David’s research will contribute to our understanding of behavioral differences and/or similarities among human groups of the Pleistocene.


Academic and Professional Trajectory

2023 - Present
PhD Student

Archaeological Sciences and Human Evolution. FIRSTSTEPS project, University of Tübingen

Scientific employee

Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften (ROCEEH project) for a bioarchaeological examination of the human remains from the Aghitu-3 2022 excavation in Armenia

M.Sc. in Archaeological Sciences (Palaeoanthropology)

Studies in Archaeological Sciences with specialization in Palaeoanthropology at the University of Tübingen

2019 - 2022
Student assistant

Osteological collection of the University of Tübingen

B.A. in Early History and Medieval Archaeology

Minor in Palaeoanthropology at the University of Tübingen

Student Assistant

DFG Center for Advanced Studies „Words, Bones, Genes, Tools“

Student Assistant

DFG Center for Advanced Studies „Words, Bones, Genes, Tools“



Tafelmaier, Y., Beutelspacher, T., Naak, W., Naumann, D., Werner S. (2021). Wiederaufnahme archäologischer Untersuchungen in der Höhle Haus am Rosenstein, in Landesamt für Denkmalpflege im Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart (ed.), Archäologische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Württemberg. Stuttgart: wbg Theiss, pp. 72 – 76.