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Equal opportunity measures

FOR 2718 is highly dedicated to the overarching goal of promoting gender equality in science and increasing the number of women in academia. We have therefore developed an active policy of supporting equal opportunities for women in science, especially in early career stages. Consequently, we have specifically recruited a large proportion of female researchers for the open positions in our research unit and we will actively support them during their employment with a number of equal opportunity measures.  These measures will focus on career development on the one hand, and on fostering the compatibility of scientific and care work on the other hand. All measures are guided by the funding rules of the German Research Foundation (download German version here). Among others, examples for eligible financial support measures are:

Specific measures for supporting career development of female researchers

  • Financial support for mentoring programmes
  • Financial support and organising courses for soft-skill and professional development
  • Financial support for coaching
  • (Financial) Support for scientific networking


Specific measures for fostering the compatibility of scientific and care work

  • Covering costs for home office equipment
  • Covering costs for child care during holidays
  • Financing of student assistants to cover routine tasks for scientists with care work
  • Support for child care outside of regular working hours and during scientific events as colloquia and workshops


To apply for any specific individual measure, please direct a written statement to for2718-cospam prevention@listserv.uni-tuebingen.de. This statement should include a description of the specific measure, a cost plan, and brief explanation for the necessity and/or expected benefit of this measure for your personal career development. Suggestions for larger-scale measures (e.g., soft-skills workshops or academic development courses) dedicated to our whole group of female researchers are highly welcome and can also be submitted to the email address mentioned above.  

Useful links and external resources for equal opportunity measures